The main destination for most UK tourists is the capital city, Stockholm, a city of 850,000 inhabitants and highly influential in the development of the Scandinavian region for several hundred years. The Old Town of Gamla Stan was built from trade within the Hanseatic League creating strong cultural links with the cities of Lubeck, Hamburg and Riga to name a few. In the city are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the The Royal Palace Drottningholm, the residence of the Swedish Royal Family (within Ekerö Municipality) and the Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) of great architectural significance and where you can visit the grave of Greta Garbo, the reclusive actress of the early 20th century. Other cities growing in popularity are Malmo, due largely to the Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen, and Gothenburg with its archipelago and sea port.

As a country partly placed on the Arctic Circle the long days in summer are an attraction for many as are the nights in winter when you can observe the Northern Lights. You can stay at the now world famous Ice Hotel located near the village Jukkasjärvi, a building made from thousands of tons of snow and ice extracted from the Torne River. It has now become so popular with trendy Brits that charter flights regularly travel from London. You can even get married there.

The ski industry is strong in Sweden with its resorts at Are and Vemdalen, and numerous cross-country ski tracks. Try ice yachting, ice skating or even ice fishing.

If you want to venture out to see what the Swedes do at summertime visit the island of Öland which increases its population of 25,000 to 500,000 in the summer months.

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