Being noted as one of the oldest but most interesting countries in all of Europe is Portugal, a destination growing in popularity. Located to the west of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal faces the Atlantic, which has significance on economics and culture. Most people head to this European country to enjoy beautiful days of sun and countryside rich in nature.

The nice thing about Portugal is that it is perfect for people wanting some downtime, those needing a quiet place to unwind, but it is also ideal for outdoors enthusiasts, individuals interested in history and culture, or those who prefer an electric nightlife and fine restaurants. Portugal offers many luxury villas and apartments, as well as various water sports.

Most people who take time to visit Portugal fall in love with the atmosphere and people immediately. Although this country has had a turbulent past, today it is well rounded and stable, great for vacationers. Some people think that Portugal is a Mediterranean country but in truth, it is an Atlantic nation. As the only European country to be bordered by Spain, the people consider themselves fortunate but also unique.

One of the main attractions to Portugal is its amazing history. This country has some of the finest museums that provide details of the fight to make Portugal what it is today. The country has many historical landmarks that are worth visiting. Getting around the country is easy with many options for transportation to include cabs, trains, buses, and underground tubes. However, renting a car is another option if the right driver’s license is held otherwise, a driver could be hired.

The food in Portugal consists primarily of fish although you can find restaurants that serve meat and vegetables. Many restaurants can be found throughout Portugal, giving you a chance to dine on authentic cuisine. With so many things to do and see, just allow yourself adequate time when vacationing.

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