Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is a magnificent travel destination, one filled with history, culture, and magnificent scenery. With a population of more than 11 million people, you can be sure to find tons of things to see and do. The people there are warm and hospitable, making the time spent even more enjoyable. Located in the southeast part of Europe, Greece borders Bulgaria to the north and Turkey to the east. Then to the eastern part of the mainland is the beautiful Aegean Sea and to the west, the Ionian Sea.

Many people travel to Greece to visit the ancient ruins, specifically areas in around Athens. Mount Olympus is another exotic destination that is simply stunning. However, this country also has some wonderful, lesser known destinations that are just as impressive. Regardless of the part of Greece chosen, you will see the abundance of natural gifts this country offers. For instance, consider the miles of coastline, romantic islands, caves, lakes, sand dunes, gorges, and much more, all making a trip to Greece memorable.

Some of the favorite things to do while in Greece outside of sightseeing or shopping include hiking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, golf, and tennis. Of course, a trip to Greece would not be complete without experiencing the archaeological sites, museums, and monuments. Some of the best options include the Acropolis of Athens, Temple of Epicurean Apollo and Mystras, known as the Medieval City, and the amazing Aghio Oros, a huge monastery complex.

Even a day spent renting a bike or motorbike to tool around the winding cities of Greece provides the ideal opportunity to see this incredible place up close. Of course, the food in Greece is undeniably some of the most unique and delicious, especially the pastries such as Baklava, which are simply unrivaled.

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