Known as the “jewel of the Mediterranean”, Croatia is impossible to beat when it comes to beauty. This European country is seeped with a rich culture that dates back to the 7th century AD. The natural beauty of Croatia make is a popular destination for people wanting to experience Europe at its finest. This country offers semi-mountain ranges, the Black and Adriatic Seas, a diverse wildlife, and so much more. People who visit Croatia marvel at the natural countryside, something unlike any other European destination.

One of the favorite activities to enjoy while in Croatia is sailing on the Adriatic Sea. In this region of the country, marine life is in abundance. Sea Kayaking is another great activity, which involves traveling miles of coastline. Some people will visit Croatia just to enjoy the white, sandy beaches and warm sunshine for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Of course, the food in Croatia is another experience not to be missed. The cities throughout the country offer their own special flavor at small restaurants that reflect the heart of the country. For the outdoor lover, Croatia is also home to some of the most spectacular and historical natural parks. For instance, one of the most spectacular is Lonjsko Polie, which is located on the Save River basin. This particular parks runs directly along the river, providing a look at fauna and flora native to this part of Europe.

Another area is Medvednica, a mountain nestled near the capital city of Zagreb. People visit this area of Croatia to enjoy hiking, climbing, and skiing. Then on the south side of Dugi is Telascica, a wonderful bay famous for its Mediterranean vegetation and abundance of pine trees. Finally, the largest of mountains in this country is called Velebit, situated in between green fields and the Adriatic Sea. Although Croatia is a wonderful place to explore history, enjoy local festivals, and dine on magnificent food, it is known primarily for its natural beauty, drawing people from around the globe.

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