An introduction to to the professional writers and journalists who contribute to Eurodestination.

trevor-claringboldTrevor Claringbold

Trevor has been involved in travel media for over 30 years, as a writer, broadcaster, and photographer. During that time he has produced over 1000 articles and programmes, and travelled to over 60 countries.

‘I love discovering the attractions of lesser known destinations’, says Trevor, ‘and then sharing that knowledge for the benefit of others through my writing’.

Those lesser known destinations have included such places as the wilds of north east Uganda, and the remote lakes of northern Russia. But as his articles reveal, you don’t need to travel so far to uncover hidden gems.

‘Europe has an abundance of amazing places, which are often missed by the tourists’, Trevor explains, ‘and in many cases it’s just a matter of getting off the beaten path and exploring’. That is probably why he lists a 4000-mile tour of Europe’s back roads, in a home built kit-car, amongst his favourite adventures.

As a former BBC presenter, he also enjoys recording the highlights of his trips on film, and you can see a number of these on Eurodestination’s YouTube channel.

Trevor’s ultimate ambition is to drive from Cairo to Cape Town… but for now he is just looking forward to his next voyage of discovery.

David Powell

David Powell

David Powell

With a combined love for travel and writing, David took up travel journalism over 18 years ago and now writes and edits regular travel sections for regional papers and magazines in south east England. David is based in Ashford, Kent just a 5 minute drive from the Eurostar International Station. He covers a wide range of destinations, both in the UK, Europe and further afield that he considers will appeal to a wide and varied readership both in print and online. Aside from the written features, David is now also actively involved in producing professional video destination and hotel reviews. He is also a regular contributor to Eurodestination

David comments: “There are so many wonderful places to visit and experience, both in the UK and abroad. I love Snowdonia in North Wales, and short breaks generally in the U.K. I love being at sea on one of the latest amazing cruise ships, I can’t wait to return to friendly Cyprus, I love travelling to European cities and I consider myself something of an ‘expert’ on Disneyland Paris! Being so close to France, it’s also exciting to hop on a Eurostar train, and onward by TGV, a great way to explore Europe. I hope you enjoy my travel reviews on Eurodestination.”

Katy Dartford

Katy Dartford in the JuraWhen Katy Dartford was a child she frequently tried to run away from home, if only managing to reach as far as the local park. Katy always wanted to have an adventure and figured this was the best way to do it. Then at the age of about 7, she was packed off to Greece to spend the summer with relatives she barely knew; her first taste of semi- solo travel perhaps? Katy is still doing this now, looking for a chance to escape and have an adventure, if only for a few days or weeks. Having worked as a freelance Broadcast Journalist for several years, her passion for exploring and her journalist’s eye for spotting a story resulted in a new facet to her work: travel writing. Having travelled in India, America, Europe and South America as a student, she soon realised it was time to put her experiences down on paper and write about the places she’s visited and the people she’s met along the way. Meanwhile, Katy was taking up adventurous sports like skiing, climbing, mountain biking and scuba diving, which has led to her writing about travel combined with these activities. And this seems to capture the spirit of travel that is sought nowadays. The chance to explore new places, whilst having a unique experience, be it through activities, cultural exploration or food.

Robert Lidster

Robert Lidster

Robert Lidster

A published poet and songwriter with a fondness for travel, Robert began writing travel reviews whilst running his own business, selling and marketing cruise holidays. Since selling his business in 2009 he has concentrated on his writing.

In May 2010 Robert undertook what was to be the most personal and fulfilling of all his adventures when he traced the route his father took in 1940 with the Royal Signals through France up to his capture by the Germans in June 1940 and transportation to the P.O.W. camps at Lamsdorf Poland where he spent the rest of the war. A good part of the last year has been spent writing about his experience and his account of the journey (some 55,000 words) and can be viewed on his blog at

Robert is married, living on the Essex coast with a grown up son who is currently living in Germany, hence his fondness for Germany and the reason for many visits to that country.

He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and have ventured as far as Australia, Asia, the Middle East, USA and the Caribbean. Most of his writing to date is on Europe and cruising in particular.

Gilly Pickup

gilly pickupGilly is a freelance journalist published in a rainbow of titles worldwide who also enjoys taking arty photos. She lives in London, her very favourite city and has visited over 50 countries worldwide. In search of a story she has travelled from the Seychelles to Sydney, Nairobi to New York, Bethlehem to Barcelona and many points in between.

She loves to write about cruising and has travelled with most of the cruise lines. She particularly loves sea days and doesn’t mind at all if the weather is rough! When not at sea, she enjoys city breaks, spas, food and wine trips – more so if chocolate is involved – exotic locations, special interest holidays, luxury travel and everything to do with Scotland. However she does have an aversion to anything camping-related, even when it is referred to as ’glamping’.