Cross Channel ferry operator Brittany Ferries has signed a letter of intent for a new ferry. This will be built in Germany by the Flensburger Schiffbau shipyard and is intended to enter service in 2019.

Carrying 1680 passengers and with 257 cabins, the ship will be powered by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and the company claims ” It will be one of the cleanest, most environmentally-friendly ships to operate in UK waters because LNG emits less carbon dioxide during combustion than marine fuel oil and burns with no smoke. In addition it is free of sulphur and is very low in nitrogen oxide emissions”. The company has also retro fitted emission ‘scrubber’ systems to six of the cruise ferries in its fleet to reduce emissions from the traditional Marine Fuel Oil engines .

The new ship is expected to operate on the Portsmouth-Caen route in tandem with the existing ship MV Mont St Michel.

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