Following a research trip in March (see earlier post), UK tour operator Mountain Heaven has officially launched two escorted ski trips to Iran during the 2016/17 ski season.

At present, just 1% of skiers on the Iranian slopes are from outside the country so this is quite an opportunity for skiers wanting to experience something new.

Each eight-day tour will be led by Mountain Heaven’s MD, Nick Williams and will visit the three ski resorts of Dizin, Shemsak and Darbandsar. There will also be some sightseeing in Tehran and the beautiful city of Esfahan; renowned for its grandeur, bazaars and UNESCO listed central square.

The cost is £1100pp which includes airport transfer, all hotel accommodation, breakfasts, most dinners, guides (ski and sightseeing tours), entrance fees, practical assistance with getting visas and both UK and Iranian guide fees. Departure dates are 24th February and 5th March. Flights to Tehran are not included but Mountain Heaven estimates the total cost would be in the region of £1600, once flights, visa and lift pass costs are included.

Following his recent visit, Nick Williams was left deeply impressed with the skiing, the food and the overwhelming friendliness of the people. He commented “When I arrived in the country I expected something like Iraq and a conflict zone, nothing can be further from the truth. The strict rules regarding the likes of head scarves for women are much more relaxed on the mountains and there are great atmospheric mountain cafés that could compete with anything in Europe (despite no beer !). The food is simply wonderful and in over 40 years of skiing it was my best ski trip to date! It’s so different and the skiing is glorious!”

For more information see the following web page