News has reached us that a UK ski tour operator is planning some escorted ski trips to Iran next season.  The MD, Nick Williams, will be visiting and skiing the seven main resorts that are close to Tehran, starting on the 26th March 2016 and you can keep up with his progress via the company’s blog and Facebook page (see below). We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on these.  The press release reads as follows;

“Innovative UK tour operator Mountain Heaven ( 0151 625 1921) is leading the way with the coolest ski destination of the 2016/17 season.

These days Iran may not immediately spring to mind when considering a ski holiday, but until the mid 1970s it was a destination of choice for the rich and famous. There are seven resorts near Tehran offering world class, high altitude skiing and a ski season that stretches from November until May. There is, to a degree, a developed infrastructure of lifts, support services and hospitality but skiing in Iran is not as accessible for UK nationals as skiing in the Alps or Pyrenees. Visas are required before you can even visit the country and credit cards are not accepted anywhere. Skiing with pockets full of cash is just one of the factors that could put many off, which is why Mountain Heaven’s Managing Director, Nick Williams, feels there is a potential for a programme of escorted ski tours to these resorts in 2016/17.

Starting on the 26th March 2016,  Nick will be visiting and skiing these resorts and will be posting updates on the Mountain Heaven blog and Facebook page as he goes. Follow his progress at and to see what skiing and hospitality is like in this previously closed country. If you like what you see and fancy being one of the first to experience skiing in Iran for almost four decades you can then join one of the groups.

Nick comments “Although visas are still required there has been significant progress towards opening up the country to tourism. It’s not without pitfalls though, so the safety net of a group, organised by a bonded tour operator, will give curious skiers the chance to concentrate on enjoying the skiing, the renowned Iranian culture, some fantastic food and a very warm welcome! I’ll be leading the groups myself and I’m greatly looking forward to showing off this little known ski gem.”