Visitors to the French region of Brittany can now download a free app that will provide a comprehensive guide to the must see sites and attractions within this popular family destination. Currently only available for Apple devices, the app has been launched by a prominent travel trade association, ABTOF (The French Holiday Association) and provides the majority of content offline, to avoid expensive data roaming charges. For more details and a link to the relevant section of iTunes click

One of the largest regions of France, Brittany is a diverse holiday destination that can offer peace, solitude and stunning beach holidays (both sandy and rocky), with plenty of small beaches ensuring that over crowding is never really an issue (there are some 530 officially recognised beaches along the Brittany coast). Committed urbanites are also well catered for with cities such as Rennes and Nantes.

Brittany has a very strong sense of identity with the inhabitants often considering themselves Breton, rather than French. The Breton language is still in use in places and bears a strong similarity to both Cornish and Welsh. With a coastline that covers both the English Channel and Atlantic coast, seafood is a regional speciality.  Gallettes and Crepes  (the former being savoury and made with Buckwheat) are a regional staple that appear on most menus and are well worth trying. Although cider is the regional drink, wines from the neighbouring Loire Valley offer excellent value for money.

Ports include St Malo and Roscoff which are both remarkably pretty and worth lingering in if you are catching/disembarking a ferry. There are a myriad of attractive smaller leisure ports with Morlaix standing out in particular. The region has several small airports as well as scheduled ferry sailings into St Malo and Roscoff with by Brittany Ferries.  Condor Ferries operate a seasonal fast craft service during summer months.