Northern Lights

Northern Lights

New direct route from London to Northern Norway brings the dancing lights closer From October, Fly Nonstop will be flying directly from London City Airport to Bodø in Northern Norway. The flight takes less than three hours, and is the perfect starting point for a Northern Lights adventure.

The company will be flying twice a week all year, and return tickets start at £270.

Northern Lights – the top trip Britons want to experience The striking lights are usually visible from late September to late March, and the new route brings the lights even closer. Bodø is located just above the Arctic Circle, but beneath the Auroral Oval, providing good odds of seeing the dancing lights. Combine the trip with snow safaris, skiing and boat trips.

Bodø is a year-round destination, with Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom, as a popular activity; picturesque hiking opportunities; bird watching; and closeness to the famous Lofoten Islands.

Fly Nonstop is a newly established company based in Southern Norway. Two routes from London to Norway: Kristiansand and Bodø.

The London-Bodø route: Two departures a week, Monday and Friday. All year.

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